Google’s Search Bar is on its Way Out

Later this year, Google will begin a slow, but necessary, major change to its overall look and feel. In ten years, the traditional search bar may be a thing of the past.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities will get to be so advanced that Google’s services will be able to predictively understand what you want and when you want it based on where you are, what time it is, and your average usefulness. The newest update is the prep work for that day.

Starting on the Google App and Pixel launch pages (and eventually the desktop site), users will see a highly personalized ‘news feed’ of sorts underneath the traditional search bar. While primarily driven by recent search history, the feed will also take into account any YouTube videos you watch, your location, travel routes, and any other information you’ve decided to share with the Googleverse. Of course, you are also able to go incognito or opt out of the feed experience entirely if this sounds like too much of an invasion of privacy.


Google will show you links to content from around the web that its algorithms have deemed you to most likely be interested in receiving. These show up in card form and can range anywhere from news stories, YouTube videos, sports scores, recipes and more.

A key caveat to understand here, is that Google knows that you probably don’t want some things you search for to come front and center every time you try to use its services. For that reason, it will automatically block references to porn, hate speech, sexual orientation and religion from showing up in the feed, and give you the opportunity to unfollow a given topic completely. As it’s algorithms continue to ingest more and more personal data, the recommendations it gives will get better and better.


For marketers, paid search just got a lot more intriguing. The days of keywords may be coming to a slow end. Instead, Google will more likely than not allow for sponsored ads to be delivered only to people who qualify based on their machine learning algorithms. This means that the only people who will be receiving your sponsored content, are those that are most likely to act on it.

Moving your brand from a reactive option to a predictive service will be of upmost importance in the age of artificial intelligence. Google understands this, and it’s time for the rest of us to hop on board.

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