Facebook Preps for 6-Second Video Ads

When it comes to video, it’s clear that spots designed for TV just don’t work on social based platforms, especially mobile. That’s why Facebook recently announced it was joining the likes of YouTube and Fox, and embracing the 6-second video ad. The goal is to captivate audiences quicker, while not ruining the user experience (and boosting viewability numbers).

Where does 6 seconds come from? Well, Facebook has done some A/B testing across video lengths of 6, 15, and 30 second spots, and found that the shortest performed best across the board. Additionally, according to an internal study, autoplay video ads in Facebooks News Feed average just under 6 seconds of view time, making it the perfect length to default to.


Facebook is also in the midst of completely revamping its video products. It is expected that by mid-August, they could release the first lineup of feature length programs, including reality shows, sports programs and even Netflix like original content. All of that leads to more video ad-inventory, and we’re beginning to see them prep brands for it.


If some of the largest players in the world are telling you that 6-second video ads are the way to go, you best be thinking of some great content to fill those 6 seconds. Who is your target audience and how can you capture their attention in the first 2 seconds of the ad?

Vine, the originator of short form social video, comes to mind when thinking about how to create spots for this. Before it was killed off, Vine was home to some of the most compelling content out there, and brands could learn a thing or two from some of their successful personalities. The short aspect of the ad allows for a great testing ground because of it simplicity and low cost of production. We could be in for some very creative and enjoyable ad spots.

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