LinkedIn Releases Video Capabilities

Today, Linkedin finally joined the pack and is allowing all of its users to begin posting video content. It rolled out the feature earlier this year to a select number of users and the results have been exactly what it had wanted and expected. Video content is being shared 20x more than written content.

What took Linkedin so long to catch up to the likes of Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc.? Well, Linkedin has historically been late to the game. It was late on mobile, news, hashtags, you name it. However, now that it’s offering all of its users a chance to post video content, the platform could be in for a pretty drastic shift in how it’s used.

If you think about what Linkedin’s primarily used for, connecting people in a professional setting, video content will help to show a greater picture of who that person is. There’s been a big social push lately to ‘document your process’ and by releasing this feature, LinkedIn is enabling millions to do so in a professional manner. Look to see this trend accelerate on the platform.


Today, businesses are not allowed to post videos, but eventually they will be. When that day comes, B2B marketing on LinkedIn is going to take off. Companies will need to heavily invest in video content that represents their brand and push it to the right people. These can be in the form of training videos, advertisements, testimonials, and much more. It’s going to be an incredible sales tool.

Lastly, you can’t help but mention the real reason LinkedIn is going to start pushing this so heavily – advertising dollars. Video is the format of choice now a days for advertisers and there’s big bucks behind it. Once it’s up and running, and millions of people are sharing video content daily, you’ll start to see highly targeted ads intertwined in these videos. As a brand, this may be an even more profitable avenue than Facebook and Instagram, as prices are likely to start on the lower end. First movers will gain advantage – it’s imperative you start to plan for it today.

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