Scripted Content Coming to Snapchat

Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, announced on Tuesday that it would be teaming up with NBCUniversal to create its own scripted series. No word yet on what that series is going to be about, but it’s an interesting move, and one that could get users coming back more often.

Earlier this year, Facebook introduced us to its Watch platform, a place where their longer form video content would reside. Since then, thousands of independent producers and creative have launched their own mini-series, essentially creating a more toned down version of YouTube. It’s also given Facebook users another way to spend their time.

So, it makes sense that Snapchat would want to start producing its own longer form content, as a way to keep users more engaged on their platform. NBCU has already said that the series will be shot with a vertical video format, but it’s up in the air as to if it will follow the traditional 10-second interval clips. We also don’t know how often episodes will air, where they will reside within the app, or if Snap has plans to open up this functionality to third parties. However, that will all most likely be determined by how many users opt in to watch it.


The below infographic is compiled by marketing firm MediaKix, and shows the compiled usage stats for the five major social media platforms.


Not surprisingly, the two the with highest usage rates are home to longer form content. If Snapchat can successfully pull this off, it may be able to do the same. For advertisers, this means that curating Snapchat based ads may become more integral to their overall marketing mix.

Additionally, NBCUniversal hasn’t necessarily been synonymous with producing content for the gen-z demographic, which make up Snapchats greatest user base. Could this be a way to get older users to keep coming back as well? We’ll soon find out.

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