Who is Doctor Fork?

This week, Google’s Unskippable Labs team released its findings with regards to an interesting little experiment they had been working on. The question? What could we unveil about advertising effectiveness for a pizza brand, if we weren’t afraid to fail? To pull it off, the team created a fake company that was ultimately called Doctor Fork.


The team was able to compile 33 ads using stock footage, and because it’s Google, they were able to deliver over 20 million impressions through the YouTube platform. The delicious sausage pizza you saw last night.. ya, you’re going to have to go somewhere else for that. The team explained that because they weren’t following an explicit client brief, they were able to knock down so called guard rails, typically used in food ads.


Ultimately, there were a list of findings and underlying implications that came out of this study, and brands should be keen to incorporate some of these into their campaigns. For example, ‘bite and smile’ is not the only way to show a pleasurable food experience. Classic brands may feel constrained by this emotional presentation because they know ‘it works’, however, these findings show that there are a range of approaches that are equally appropriate and may even perform better.

This begs the question, what other findings can we uncover when removing constraints on our advertising? In an industry that relies on creative thinking and innovation to break through to new consumer segments, brands should begin thinking outside of their typical processes to determine new insights. If you have the means to conduct a test similar to what Google’s team did, it could provide valuable information to move your brand forward. If you don’t, take a risk, it’s one of the only ways to move forward.

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