Amazon’s Attribution Pixel Tests Ad Effectiveness

Outside of being one of the worlds largest E-commerce platforms, Amazon also runs a growing ad business, competing with the likes of Facebook and Google. That product offering just got a lot more appealing to advertisers, as the company began testing its Amazon Attribution tool.

The tool will help advertisers measure the exact impact that their display, search and video media channels have on how consumers discover, research and buy their products within the E-commerce giant. Brands will be able to optimize their campaigns to page views, purchase rates and sales. Currently, the tool is only available to advertisers that sell on Amazon, rather than through it.

The move by Amazon signifies a big step in their fight against the duopoly, which has historically dominated much of the year-over-year growth within online advertising. Advertisers will soon get a much better understanding of how their media on Amazon compares with that of other platforms, especially when it comes to driving actual sales.

Additionally, Amazon’s moves into the brick-and-mortar space with its Whole Foods acquisition, Amazon Go and Amazon Books will mean that the company should soon offer a way to attribute online media to offline conversion – a necessary step to effectively compete with Google.


Amazon moving further into the advertising space shouldn’t surprise anyone, but it should be taken seriously. Brands that don’t currently utilize Amazon’s ad products, should look to them as a way to test the effectiveness of their ad dollars across tactics. Take a look back at what your KPI’s are, and use this Attribution Pixel to determine where there’s room for improvement.

If your brand already has a big presence within the site, whether that be percentage of total sales or a higher comparable market share, a shift of budget to Amazons products will help to continue to drive sales and page views, while also allowing your brand to hone in on a specific target.

In one case study, a protein brand found that health publications performed better than all other media types, accounting for 83% of their ad-attributed sales on Amazon. Without this tool, that information would have gone unnoticed, and the brand wouldn’t have been able to effectively use its budget. In todays day and age, it’s incredibly important to understand exactly what sparks your E-commerce business, with Amazon at the helm, this tool makes their ad products worth a second look.

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